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Recurring Character In Your Dreams...


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Originally posted by nycmuzik2000

All I've been having lately are some really weird dreams that I cant even begin to understand.....

YEah, like last night, i was dancing in this theatre, eating :cheese: (the Kraft singleds style), and i remember being happy, which was my state of mind that day.

But then, i also have recurring dreams every now and then of someone chasing me, either with a knife or a gun. I do like chases, and i almost always get away.

Say DG ...do you know this person? If not, i'd say those dreams are signs that say you should meet them. If you do, then this person might be very active in your life in the near future. Sometimes dreams tell the future :eek:

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It could mean a lot of things, dreams are so subjective that it's difficult to interpret them unless you know the significance of any particular object. There are some things that are more or less universal within a particular culture. The running dream that papa smurf mentioned, for example- running tends to signify that you're trying to avoid something, you're running away from something instead of facing it head on.

Anything that pops up often clearly has some significance... dreaming about this person may mean you have unresolved issues with them... or maybe s/he represents someone else you have issues with... or maybe even represents an idea that needs to be resolved...

Ex, many yrs ago I kept dreaming about my ex... when I sat down and evaluated my dreams, I realized that I wasn't really dreaming about *him*... what he represented was relationships, and that I had to deal with my ambiguity regarding being in a relationship...

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