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why can't i seem to get any songs, and why hasn't one person been able to download from me? All i see are time outs and such for them, and Ive gotten 1 song thus far. Seems like maybe there are some configurations im missing out on.

also, when u close the program, does it keep the songs that u had waiting to down load? I had a few that were queued but when i turned on my computer this evening and opened the program, they were all gone. Is this how the prgram works.... no resumes or queue?

thanx in advance


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From my experience, it does not keep your songs in queue for download the way ag did. However, if you start downloading and then close out...if you do another search and manage to find the exact same song file, you will be given the option to resume download from where you left off. But, as far as I know, that is as good as it gets. Hopefully someone will prove me wrong, because it has been driving me crazy!:mad:

By the way, I haven't been able to download one friggin' song from there since ag went down! When I used it in the past (before ag's demise), it was great. Oh well.....:rolleyes:

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okay... first of all make sure that you downloads are set to "AUTO COMPLETE". this way it's hands free operations..

Now it's true that WINMX does not keep your downloads that you've "QUEUED".

But if your download has started at all.. even if it's 1k downloaded.. the next time you boot up the app.. it will stay there.. because it verifies the files that have been downloaded into your DOWNLOAD directory. So it checks for any tempfiles that have been created by WINMX and if it finds any.. regardless of size.. then it'll continue.. It's annoying.. i know.. but that's the way it works for now.

another thing.

Go to settings

and click on the "FILE TRANSFERS" section. on the right hand side.

Now uncheck all the options in the entire field.. This will make it act a little closer to the Napster/Kazaa styled apps

now personally i have downloaded well over 170 songs on here since the death of AG [this is no where near the frequency of AG days but whaddyagunadoboutit]

but it's a solid program.. it's not the most userfriendly app. but i have nary a problem finding tracks on here.

if you're looking for tracks.. look up daemoncel254 .. which is my works T3..

and later on.. i'll mention my home pcs name..(cable) but the name escapes me .. it's dae_at_home### something like that

okay.. folks.. hope this helps.. and good luck..

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