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'party favors'

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i hate when i go out to a club or rave without my own "party favors" it is difficult sometimes for me to get from ppl while i am out and i dont trust to many ppl because i dont want to get busted or fake shit. its just so hard right now to pick up before i go due to either no money when the stuff is around or no drugs when money is around. its not like it used to be when i could get it 24/7/365. anybody else like me?:(

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A buddy of mine paid $30 for a bad pill Friday. I was there at the time and saw the people selling and I shook my head, indicating for him not to do it. I immediately figured that if somebody's charging that much, they're figuring they're ripping somebody off to begin with, why not go all the way? It was at a 3000 person club, too.

I seemed to have good luck at a 500 person club the next night though.

I don't get too upset when somebody gets ripped off, though. I mean, you're buying illegal drugs at a club illegally off some sketchy dude, it's not really fair to expect you'll be a satisfied customer every time. You can't really return it.

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