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DJs what setup do you have?

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Guest saleen351
Originally posted by asianvixen

i only dj in my apartment lol so i don't have a big setup just this:

2 technics 1200 mk2

vestax pmc 06 pro

kenwood 500 watt X 5 channel amplifier

jbl speakers

i know there are a lot of djs here so what setups do you have?


Dell computer speakers.....:D

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i have two technic 1200's, dennon 2600, rane mp 2016 rotary mixer w/xp 2016, pioneer efx machine, harmon kardon reciever and two optimus 15" cabinet speakers hanging from my ceiling.

I went cheap on the speakers cause i'll never play them at full volume or will i ever take them down from my cieling.

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2 technics 1200 m3d

1 denon 2600 cd

1 pioneer cdj 100

denon x 800 mixer

denon 550r cd recorder

pioneer exf 500

samson amp

2 jbl eon 15's

1 stillwater kicker 15" bass box

technics dj1200 headphones

ortofon needles

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