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What's your type?


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Highly ambitious...very motivated..educated..isn't afriad to be open with me...healthy/fit...disease-free...drug-free...non-smoker...outgoing...compassionate...humorous...spontaneous...positive thinker...sweet..affectionate...and willing to give their all to progress into something wonderful....if and when it reaches that point.

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Mentally: Goal Oriented, Personality, Sense of Humor, Conversational, Smart, Similar Intrests, Some Different intrests, confident, motivated,creative, inspirational, responsible, caring, doesnt do drugs (occassionally is one thing but you know what i mean), hrrrrrm!?

Physically: Dark Hair, Dark Eyes, nice thick body (j.lo or aria style), eyes, a smile that could stop a clock, fashionable (knows what to wear and when)...

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Don’t really think I have a ‘type’. Just about every girl I’ve been with was Italian or the blonde all American type. As far as looks, pretty face is a must! Someone who takes care of her body is also important—works out, eats right, isn’t doing drugs 5 nights out of the week; oh and I love a good tan.

Good dancer. A nice ass is a plus, breast size doesn’t really matter; as long as they’re bigger than mine it’s all good. :tongue: As far as height I’ve gone as low as 4’11 and as high as 6’0 so I can’t really say I have height requirements lol.

Has to be smart, and I don’t necessarily mean Rhodes Scholar book smart, more like smart in terms of life experience, has a clue about current events, can hold an intelligent conversation. No bigger turnoff to me than a hot girl who is an absolute MORON. Someone who likes to go clubbing but doesn't LIVE in the world of clubbing! There's more to life than that. ;)

Sense of humor is VERY important. If she can make me laugh that is a huge plus. Someone who is strong mentally too i.e., confident and secure, but not cocky, arrogant or obnoxious. Also, openmindedness is important, about people, clubs, food, and experiences in general. And I guess just personality in general—someone who’s always interesting. Guess that about rounds it out. :blank::blank::blank::blank:

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Definitely a Sense of Humor ~ Able to take Sarcasm ~ Active ~ Motivated ~ Educated ~ Family Oriented ~ Spontaneous, etc.

Physical ~ cutie pu tute ~ Heighth at least 5' 11" ~ Body type active ... I don't really have a preference on what color hair/eyes.

I think I'm mostly attracted to dark hair (not sure about eye color), like Italiano's not the greasy hair type though, yuck.

My ex boyfriends I've had were a mixture some had blonde hair and some had dark hair! It just depends on their personality and attitude for me!

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Hmmm my type.....

I would def date a lot of different type of guys....but as for a particular type...

Someone up for anything...and will always make the best of any situation and not just sit n bitch (a kill joy).....

Gotta be very respectfull and have morals.....(someone I can take home)

Not a slut...yes guys def can be sluts

Has confidence and a cool attitude ...but not concieted

someone that can goof around and be immature at times...(not all the time tho)

Def someone in school or graduated who is ambitious or has a pasion for something.....

(although not everyone in school is ambitious ......once dated a guy who was going for a degree to be a gym teacher...i thought he must love kids how sweet...nope turns out hes just a lazy ass dumb jock who likes taking gym classes in college:blown:

i should have figured it out when he first told me

Physical...def have to be attracted to someone...dark hair..nice eyes....toned body not too big tho....

gotta be taller than me (I'm 5'2 so thats not hard)around 5'11-6...

no facial hair.....

Damn... well guess that sums up a little bit of my type hehe

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honestly i like all different kinds of girls.... i dont believe you can say what kind of girl you'd like to end up with cause honestly you never know when & with who you will end up .. just my 2 cents:)

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Originally posted by koky

honestly i like all different kinds of girls.... i dont believe you can say what kind of girl you'd like to end up with cause honestly you never know when & with who you will end up .. just my 2 cents:)

True, but there are always certain qualities that appeal to you. Honestly, if I met a girl that had every quality I listed but was 300 pounds and had corn-on-the-cob yellow teeth, I couldn't be with her, sorry. Call me superficial. :cool:

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my type breathing!!!

just kidding seriously good looking

smart (book smart +street smart)cant have a guy know everything he learned in school but doesnt know when he's being hustled

funny thats a plus you have to have a sense of humor

loves children(i have a daughter)

willing to go anywhere with me be it clubs movies even to strip clubsi.e. vip, scores whatever


dark hair

tanned skin

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hmmm this is always and interesting question ....

personality: a sense of humor (PLEASE!) , ambitious/driven, intelligent (can hold a conversation at least), outgoing/friendly ( can leave them alone in a room of my friends and not have to worry about him) and a good listerner/understanding (can remeber my bday and can put up with listening to the soap opera of my friends ), sports (again , PLEASE!) and be active. not saying we are going rock climbing... but i dont want a couch potatoe

physical traits: tall, atheltic.... as far as anything more in the looks dept, i really can't say much more than that cuz i think i have dated about every color under the sun -- black, white, latino

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What I look for in a man that~

1. Must be funny, and like to talk..

2. Clean and relatively drug free

3. loves to be out outside and get lots of exercise

4. gets along well with family and friends

5. is respectful of my friends

6. will never lay a hand on a women

7. doesn't smoke cigarettes

8. is tall usually over 6'

9. smart and usually college educated

10. is very outgoing and likes to go out and have fun, and knows how to have fun

11. enjoys my company

12. loves to have sex as much as I do!!!:eek:

Physical traits are not as much of a deciding factor, I like them all different hair/eye colors, although I am very athletic so I want my man to be the same way....

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Originally posted by tommyarmani

1) nice tits

2) nice full round tight ass

3) overall tight & toned body

4) tan, clear skin

5) confident

6) fashion conscious

7) career minded & ambitious

8) intelligent & witty

9) sense of humor

10) completely independent

11) must swallow

12) very important, non smoker

u really know what you want...

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