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im very confused 1 of u dj help plz

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sup who ever reads this...im an a middle level dj i spin hardhouse,trance..tribal i dunno wut i should do as of now i use cds im getting very bored of them but i am also really good with them i got 2 techs never use them just sit around and i dunno if i should start to use them with vinyl its really expesive but im really instrested in using them.......... i really need to now if i should start vinyl? and another thing im gunna start remixing i just picked up about 500 70's 80's records i wanan no wut i should used to start remixing .. umm i use alot of programs on my computer but i wanna start making beats and shyt i have reason...fruity loops coool edit pro 2.0 but i dunt seam to like them can anyone siguest something?:laugh:

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remember, vinyl is an important investment and you must remember to take good care of your records..

Records are almost always a priceless investment.. usually because they disappear and go out of print very quickly

Vinyl is alot of fun and you can get most creative and most involved in when it comes to mixing vinyl

good luck

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