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I need DJ's. Work for DJ's

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Im looking for some DJ's to spin at my club. Im a club promoter in Jacksonville, FL. I have a new LATIN night starting in Aug. I want some new styles, new flava. We dont ahve a huge pool to choose from here, so Im branching to the real deal. The peole here need something new, its been real staid. Anyway, I need DJ's. DOn't worry sbout commitment or location. THIS IS A ROTATING GUEST deal ( as I want to keep mi gente surrprised , not in a rut ! ). Once a month, or once every two months. I pay flight (only southwest ), hotel and DJ. If you have been looking for some virgins to your sound and you want to get known past there, send me a cd/tape.

I need SALSA< MERENGUE, BACHATA, LATIN POP ( ricky, shakira,jlo etc ) and a bit of Nostalgia ( only a bit- unless we decide to do a full blown Nostalgia night, which we are thinking of doing in the next two months. And you have to be able to mix.

Anyway, I just clinched this deal, so there isn't much time. This is a serious offer. $$ is good, and an excuse to get out of town AND make money.

Cristina Ramirez-Lionarons

SANA Productions

904 260 6556 casa

904 568 9090 cell

904 465 6138 2 cell

[email protected]

11513 Mandarin Road

Jacksonville, FL 32223

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hey . I cant access the page, I can, but it's not showing your music, it doesn't find EstaticHigh. Second, you're in NY, Im in FL, I was looking more for DJ's in FL.But I can work w/ NY since it's a once a month or once every two months deal. Third, and most inportant, it has to be LATIN music. If you don't spin Latin music, it won't work. Let me know. ANd if it doesnt work out, we'll keep in touch, because I do other stuff thats not latin. Drum N Bass, Jungle. If you know any DJ's there that do spin Latin, pass it along to them about this.

Thanks, look forward to hearing from you.


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Ok I will go to it and hear it. I love hearing different dj's. Like I told you I do other things than Latin music, soI will keep this contact for future use. Do you know any other websites that I can put my post ? And if you know any DJ's in your area that do spin Latin music, let them know about this. Thanks. C

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