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Music Lovers... I need some help...

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I Once heard this theme song in a TV commercial, and imediatly fell in love with it... it's on my top 10 list from all 7000 songs I have...

Turns out it's pretty popular...

it's by Carl Orff (1895-1982) - secular cantata http://members.ozemail.com.au/~caveman/Carmina "Carmina Burana" - "O Fortuna" (opening and closing act)

SONG + Lyrics: http://www.xnet.i989.net:8080/mp3/Carl_Orff-Carmina_Burana-O_Fortuna.zip

Now I'm taking 'core: music 101' and choose to write a page about it...

I was just wondering if anyone with more practice/experience would see deeper into this secular cantata...

help i.e. with:

1) What instruments are those in background? I can only say drums ;-) no :(

2) In what way/how do you think he (Carl Orff) brings out the emotional meaning of the text via music? (lyrics are included in the .zip)

3) Or what music represents / how or what you see in it general?

4) See how music changes after 1st part [high] (0-22nd second) then second par [low] (22nd - 1min 36sec) then third (1min 36sec till end) it's high again... what can you tell me about that? What is it called...

5) Anything you feel like telling me at all is worth hearing...

What do you think in general? Do you like it? I and most others love it...


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