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RISE Fridays: Brian Stillwater 7/12 & Cass 7/19

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Maryland's Brian Stillwater comes to RISE on 7.12


As a DJ, Brian is a veteran globetrotter, playing some of the worlds best

clubs in places such as the UK, Switzerland, Holland, Slovenia, Czech

Republic, and of course all over the USA. Airing a mix of deep, tribal,

tech, and truly progressive house uniquely blended together with impeccable

technical ability. With all stated Brian pleases crowds of all walks and

genres while maintaining a sound that is totally new and innovative.

As a producer Brian has received praise and support from industry greats:

John Digweed, Steve Lawler, Timo Maas, Danny Howells, Nick Warren, Satoshi

Tomiie, Rui Da Silva, Chris Fortier, Jimmy Van M, etc.. etc... (the list

goes on & on...) As well as collaborating with other like minded artists

such as Chris Cargo, Louis Osbourne, Jondi & Spesh, Darko (of the

Sleepfreaks), and Alex Gardel. Also Brian has signed deals with some of the

worlds best and most innovative underground labels: Undercurrent UK, Spundae

USA, Imago Gramophone CH, Mechanism UK, Tune Inn UK, and Dorigen UK.

London DJ / Producer Cass comes to RISE Friday 7.19


Spundae’s exceptional new resident DJ continues the Spundae/Mute compilation

series with SPUNDAE PRESENTS CASS, a helter-skelter ride through deep,

progressive and tech-edged house, breakbeat and techno. Not just another

album, you see – nor just another DJ either.

It’s easy to blurt out vague declarations about a DJ’s talents, but

Englishman CASS puts his music where his mouth is. He’s quickly making

strides to the short list of world class DJs, booked solid around the globe

from Australia to Buenos Aires and throughout Europe. He’s developing

something of a special relationship with the USA which started with DJ spots

at Twilo in New York and now regularly taking in most major metropolitan

cities, whether it’s Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, Washington DC,

Boston, Atlanta, Austin, or Denver.

Last year, when he hit LA to play SPUNDAE for the first time, he had the

crowd screaming. Kids came up to the DJ booth to peer at the man from London

creating this energizing sine wave of sound. Moments later CASS handed one

lucky fan his portfolio-sized case of exclusive CD-Rs – normally guarded

with Fort Knox-like security – allowing him to flick through it like he was

shopping in Tower Records. Why? Because CASS knows his fans take his music

as seriously as he does.

CASS often releases music with another musician who goes by the moniker,

Slide. The duo first met when Slide, aka Pete Martin, was recording for

British trance label, Flying Rhino. Within days they had decided to leave

and form their own label, Fire, in order to release their own music and the

music they collectively loved. The first fruits of their collaboration,

“Perception†and later “Opera,†were underground hits with DJs from both

sides of the Atlantic; big tunes in the record boxes of Danny Tenaglia,

Jimmy Van M, Jerry Bonham and John Digweed. “Perception†also made its way

onto Sasha’s Global Underground mix CD, an affirmation of quality if ever

there was one. The success saga has rolled on ever since with “Fever

Rising†(made with Tenaglia, NYC’s global DJ star) and now with Burning The

Candle At Both Ends, Cass & Slide’s debut album on Fire (U.K. import) on

March 25th, 2002.

Best of all, says CASS, is SPUNDAE PRESENTS CASS, his first mix CD proper.

“This mix is full of records that I love,†says CASS. “All have been played

to death by me. Personally, I think it’s the best thing I’ve done as a DJ

and I’m quite a harsh critic. CD one,†reckons CASS, “is one that you could

make love to or have babies to. The second occupies darker, harder

territories, one that’s good to listen to before you go clubbing to get

yourself up.â€

Resident Steve Porter will open for Cass at 1:30am and we will go extra late

RISE friday 7.19.02

Members: $10, Guests $20

Lights: Dan Gallagher

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