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ATTN: ALL: as a common courtesy...

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In response to Somebitch's thread...

As a courtesy to your fellow posters, if you are starting a thread containing pictures... please make some kind of indication in the subject line... many of us are at work and would like to be warned if an image of Bridget the Midget sucking off John Holmes is about to pop up on the screen... :tongue:

You'll notice a lot of people already do this... We went over this a while ago but most of you weren't around then...

...thank you, and good day... :D

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damn.. i knew i shouldn't have forwarded it to all my co-workers.. now what do i do..

but yeah.. seriously

i get that at work and i'm surrounded by women at work..

well except for my boy Derrick.. but he's mad chill.. cause then when a picture pops up .. thats umm.. not proper work material.. well then.. instantly it's ALT+F4 or ALT+TAB but sometimes that's not fast enough

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