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attn guys

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Originally posted by tommyarmani

"its not like fine wine that gets better with age. Blow it the fuck out" andrew dice clay..:rolleyes:

i remember i went on this kick a few years ago when i was really into X & didnt have a desire for sex (wierd) & went about 2 weeks without cumming in any way at all. I then got blown & almost blew the back of the poor girls mouth out with the force of my load :D

. . I went through a similar thing actually . . . Except mine was like 3 and a half weeks . . felt great . . . :bj:. . .

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when i had just broken up with my ex i was very depressed & went 2 WHOLE weeks without cumming... it was a 1st... but watch out when it shot out :D it felt like one of my balls were gonna shoot out:eek: but the release was AWSOME !!

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