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anyone read dave's announcemt...

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and fax their senator?

i decided to, and edited their letter to include:

"I'm writing because I am very concerned about the Reducing American's Vulnerability to Ecstasy Act (the RAVE Act). This bill would only serve to punish the business men and women for crimes that may be committed b their clientele. I find it ironic and hypocritical that the federal government can't even keep drugs out of its own prisons, yet this law fines business owners hundreds of thousands of dollars for failing to keep people from carrying drugs onto their premises...

...If enacted, the raves may cut down because of the fears of fines and sentences, but...this will not solve the problem. The RAVE act will only drive the offenders further underground and away from public health and safety regulations... The drug problem is in the individuals, at home, in schools,etc as much or more as in the dance and RAVE scene. We have youth with too much money and time that are bored and turn to a "fun time". Please don't punish those of us that legitimately enjoy the dance/club/RAVE scene without drugs. You will not eliminate the problem by eliminating raves. We need to look further into our homes and schools and communities instead of planting raves/clubs as a scapegoat..."

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