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Team J, some help for ya

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Well we all know that you are going to see your fav DJ Sat Mr. Cheese. So you better get some of this:3some: :makeout::bj::hump:

I came up with some lines that might help you out because I don't know how much of a stud you are. And everyone else please feel free to play along:

1. Hey baby I have all the NYC Underground cd's at home wanna head to my place?

2. girl: Who is this DJ? Anyone know?

You: Oh this is Louie Devito, (and your in)

3. girl: What is this song? Someone help me I need to know?

you: Oh this is Rapture baby

4. girl: Devito and Scribbles are the best!

you: Oh my god you are my dream girl, I love them they are sooooooooo good

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