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I hear Janet Jackson, at the ripe age of 36, is now seeing Justin Timberlake, at the ripe age of 21. That's just so wrong on so many levels.

a) Janet Jackson is nasty. She looks like Michael with tits. I wouldn't even touch her with Kuro's dick.

B) Justin Timberlake is a tool. Why do chicks dig him?

c) Justin Timberlake is a fool. A 20 year old Britney vs. a 36 year old Janet?????? WTF?

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i suppose i wouldn't phrase everything the way you did, but that's just because i didn't want to think about the whole horrifying and nauseating situation that much. just hearing their names in the same sentence was bad enough.

but in their own places, at their best, they've had their moments - ok, maybe just janet. but if i start talking about *n sync i'll start making even less sense than i am now, and i think you already don't know where i'm going with this, much less know where i am right now :hey: .


but that's all i can say about it for now. i don't suggest that you read the above. let's leave it at that i feel bad for justin 'cause he doesn't know what to do with his hair.

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Originally posted by weyes

let's leave it at that i feel bad for justin 'cause he doesn't know what to do with his hair.

hahahahahahahahaha :laugh:

It's so true- he looks like he has a patch of blonde pubes on the top of his head!!!!!!!! You'd think he'd hire one of those stylist people to take care of it??????? Not to mention he can't dress to save his life either. Does anyone else remember when he & Britney wore matching stonewashed denim outfits that were bedazzled w/ rhinestones and beads? They looked like a white trash couple on holiday in a craft store.

*note to all celebrities- seek solace in Armani, do not experiment w/ denim.

I agree w/ Shady on the Janet Jackson thing ----> she looks like a computer generated women w/ two perfect sphercial floatation devices glued to her chest. Breasts don't look like that! If he wanted to date an older black women he should of tried to bag Naomi Campbell! :D

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Originally posted by vicman

i dunno, but if you ask me, justin timerlake and pgiddy look very, very similar :woah::shaky:

I can't see the pic, but I wish I was 1/2 the pimp Justin Timberlake is. I can only imagine what he gets, I was getting better though, unitl I relapsed this weekend and went to Glow and bombed.

But WTF is he doing with Janet Jackson, I mean I wouldn't kick her out of my bed or anything, but come on, from Spears to her, talk about lowering standards....

Oh well time for the pool, bye bye bye:blown:

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