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Spundae August- Sasha, Burridge Van M, Aphrodite+

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SPUNDAE and RELODE at Vision in August


Friday August 2nd

RELODE presents Proper *special event*

$10 admission

-the lair-

TEEBEE (Norway) [Metalheadz, Subtitles, Certificate 18]

An unavoidable name in the drum and bass scene.

This prolific producer and unstopable dj hails from

Bergen, Norway. Teebee's rhythmically complex tracks

demonstrate his mastery of the drum and bass artform,

and appear on many top labels around the globe.





Saturday August 3rd

SPUNDAE with Relode launches Saturdays

-main room- 6 hour tag team set


Lee, one half of the famous Tyrant duo, and Jimmy, who

has played around the globe with Sasha and Digweed as part

of the Delta Heavy Tour, will tag team for what promises to

be a legendary six hour set at Spundae. We wouldn't have the

kick off to Spundae Saturdays any other way.

-vision room-


-the lair-

Deep House, Downtempo, and Hip-Hop


Tuesday August 6th

RELODE presents Proper *special event*

$10 admission

-the vision room-

APHRODITE (UK) [urban Takeover, V2]

Aphrodite aka Gavin King is the man behind the Aphrodite

Recordings empire. It all started way back in the summer of

love in '88 when Gavin became involved in the phenomena

known as "Acid House." He is known for playing out a good

vibe that ranges from classic to upfront and completely

exclusive dubplates. His travels are far reaching, "I started

out djing 12 years ago, playing Acid House, then hardcore,

then I was there when it turned in to jungle."

Aphrodite Recordings is Gavin's solo and close association

label now released on V2 records. With over 30 releases on

the label Aphrodite's remixes and djing have exploded on a

global scale.




Friday August 9th

SPUNDAE with Relode

$10 presale tickets available at www.groovetickets.com

-main room-

SANDER KLEINENBERG (Holland) *4 hour set*

Known as "The Flying Dutchman," Sander has gone far

beyond his roots in the Netherlandsto become one of the

world's most requested djs. His style of music, matured over

15 years of experience, is a wonderful and extremly funky

melting pot of dark and sexy US grooves and atmospheric

uplifting trance. In his sets he never goes for the easy option

of dropping anthem after anthem. Instead he loves to tease

his audience, bringing them to a frenzy. Don't miss this

critically-acclaimed dj/producer in an exclusive Chicago



-vision room-






Saturday August 10th

SPUNDAE with Relode

-main room-


To this day Feelgood remains one of the most beloved

djs in the country. Coast to coast, week to week he can be

seen playing such landmark clubs as Buzz, Shampoo, and

Spundae, not to mention his wild poularity overseas.With his

vibrant personality and his banging peak hour house sets only

one question remains-- "Can you feel it?"

GRANT PLANT (Los Angeles)

Grant has been the cornerstone of Spundae's wildly successful

Los Angeles Saturday night. His dynamic energy and impeccable

track selection have won crowds over around the world. You will

not want to miss his first ever Chicago appearance.


-vision room-


-the lair-

Deep House, Downtempo, and Hip-Hop


Saturday August 17th

SPUNDAE with Relode

-main room- Cryogenics Cool & Red Melon Night


DANO (San Francisco)


-vision room-


-the lair-

Deep House, Downtempo, and Hip-Hop


Tuesday August 20th

SPUNDAE with Relode *special event*

Airdrawndagger Tour

$15 presale tickets available at www.groovetickets.com

-main room only-

SASHA (UK) *4 hour set*

For more than a decade, Sasha has been a celebrated

fixture in dance music--one of the few true legends of the

genre. From his beginnings as a fixture of the UK acid house

scene to his current position at the pinnicle of the dj world,

his sets have created an intense following from those in the

know. His remixes, for artists as diverse as Madonna and the

Chemical Brothers, have become instant club staples; his

1999 single "Xpander" is still viewed as a benchmark for

progressive production.

Never intent to rest on his past achievments, Sasha elevates

and transforms the genre with Airdrawndagger, his long

anticipated debut album. Combining moody ambience with

richly textured sonic landscapes, the 11 tracks on

Airdrawndagger show Sasha at the top of his game, ready to

conquer a whole new legion of fans. With this exclusive

Chicago appearance and record release party Sasha will give

a performance that is not to be missed.



Saturday August 24th

SPUNDAE with Relode

-main room-

JERRY BONHAM (San Francisco)

Jerry Bonham has been the best kept secret in San Francisco.

A dj for twenty something years now, his seamless mixes and

exquisite programming have earned him the honor of being a dj’s dj,

acknowledged by his peers as being the best. Jerry has spun since

he was sixteen. While on a trip to Chicago, Jerry heard his first beat

mixed set and wondered what the DJ was doing. He went home and

figured it out. Nobody in Jerry’s neck of the woods mixed using that

technique yet. He became a staple at Saloon in Minnesota Jerry played

at the Saloon from 1976 until 1988, when he moved to San Francisco.

In San Fran he set up shop and has taken on a residency for Spundae

and has played with a virtual who's who of superstars. A man who should

need no introduction.

KOMA & BONES (UK) [TCR, Forged, Y4K]

Koma & Bones are a three man outfit from the north west of

England comprising of the dj'ing duo Koma & Bones and former

drum and bass producer Proteus. Brought together by a deep love of

twisted breakbeat. The trio started to produce the kind of records

that wanted to play in their dj sets. Things started to happen for

them when they remixed the classic 'God Within' track - by Phoenix

(Scott Hardkiss) The mix went on to become an anthem in America.

Comissioned remixes quickly followed. Their own solo work also

began to turn heads, with releases on Dorigen, Freakaboom and

the highly acclaimed 'Powercut' on TCR. Support from Hybrid,

Adam Freeland, Rennie Pilgrem, Blim, Hyper and others

suggested the threesome had something to say. Recently the trio

finished two mix cd's. One on US based Street Beat, the other for the

esteemed Y4k series on Distinctive Breaks. Recent chart success

has found Koma & Bones as they are the only breakbeat producers

to have two records in dance musics top ten charts together. Their first

ever Chicago appearance promises to be stunning.

-vision room-


-the lair-

Deep House, Downtempo, and Hip-Hop


Saturday August 31st

SPUNDAE with Relode

-main room-

DEEPSKY (Los Angeles) *live*

Scott Giaquinta and Jason Blum are originally New Mexico natives

who have produced world-class music that has rocked dancefloors

and stunned armchair listeners alike for over five years. The duo’s

unique style and dedication have pushed them to the forefront of

progressive trance. Their relentless, high-energy live performances

have garnered critical acclaim throughout the North American continent.

Their live performances are at the very core of the grassroots

following they have been building in America for the past five years.

The many die-hard fans that travel hundreds of miles to catch a show

are a testimony to the cult status Deepsky attains with fans. Few live

performances offer the same intense presence and raw energy. Scott

skillfully manipulating effects and synthesizers and Jason relentlessly

pounding away at electronic percussion. Their performance is the stuff

of legends and remains a favorite with audiences across the continent.



-vision room-


-the lair-

Deep House, Downtempo, and Hip-Hop


Vision www.visionnightclub.com

640 N Dearborn

Chicago, IL

10pm-4am weekdays

10pm-5am Saturdays

21 and up clubbing


$10 admission before 11pm

$15 admission after 11pm

(excludes special events)



for more information:



or www.relode.com


Upcoming: 09.01- Spundae *special event*


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