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I saw Flava fLaV at the Mall yesterday !

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It was quite a sight.

I was leaving this new surf shop with 2 "darker-skinned" individuals (strangers) just talking , rambling, when all of a sudden, FLAVA FLAV is right in front of us with a little entourage :eek:

It was funny, cause im VERY WHITE, and just the fact that i was chillin in the right place at the right time, i saw him and his clock-necklace:D

He was actually with this girl i knew from Stop n Shop Supermaret, and i said 'what's up' to her. Then i said "hey, that's flava flav"!

He was also MAD funny, cracking in front of every store we passed by.

He was like:

Yo, wassup wassup homie
and i was just starstruck for an instant :D

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