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pure MDMA powder:is it real, is anyone getting it?

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i took some powder, supposedly pure, about two months ago. it was incredibly good. now from a totally different source, we can get some more pure powder.

however, it is said to be a bit psychedellic, i have a noticed a surge in people getting "pure" mdma powder in the last year. is this an actual trend anywhere else. i am in Pittsburgh. i just really don't want to take 2cb, 2ct-7, or mda. what is your opinions on this matter?

please help before i pick my poison for my honeymoon. thank you.

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as i always say about anything pure..the further u are from the cook the more u lose in the purity...its the way that "market" works with supply and demand...it always gets stomped on to some extent.

if u can get "pure" xtc..then good for you...keep that connect and dont share em :)

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