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Tracklist for The Judge @ Homelands?

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k im listenin now for u.......

1-dumonde - can u dig it

2-jurgen vries - the theme

3-boca - play wityh me (bellfire)

4-ferry corsten - punk (cosmic gate)

5-joy kitikonti - joydontstop (freaky mix) (i think)

6-dunno song

7-the clerhy - the oboe song (green martian remix)

8-rank 1 - awakenings (cosmic gate)

9-dunno song

10-blank and jones - djs fans and freaks

11-fergie - bass generator (robbie rivera)

next song i recognize is around 97 mins, its funk a tron, dunno wut mix

after that its......

snap vs plaything - do u c the light (steve murano mix)

hi-gate - saxuality (omg i love this song, i have it on repeat)

dunno song

final track = frank trax - nebuchan

hope that helps, yes i own u all in live sets and i have them all before u k thx :)

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Originally posted by nychunk

Thanx a lot man, Yes Mind I was asking about Judge Jules .

thanxx for clearing that up 4 me. This cd looks like it will be as good as his clubbed 2002 cd. Is it being shared on any sites?

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