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anybody ever been to club freedom in AZ?

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I went to school at Arizona State University. When I went back to visit last year I saw Oakenfold at Freedom. It was good but way to packed and hot. I mean more than usual to the point of being ridiculous. Freedom is where you would see the international talent. There are some other places as well if your 21. Sanctuary is like the lame version of the Soundfactory in NY. Big breasted women with juice heads and pro athletes. There is also Axis/Radius which is pretty good. Used to draw big crowds but I don't know about now. They stop serving at one which really sucks and after hours only goes till about four. If you're looking for a late night party, you pretty much have to go to raves. AZ is fun, women are outstanding, and I met a lot of good people there. Have fun in the sun. :cool:

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