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Victor Calderone testimonial on Apple.com

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interesting article..hes got some setup..jeez look at this

Power Macintosh G4

15-inch flat-panel Apple Studio Display

Multitrack Audio and MIDI Application

Emagic Logic Audio

Audio Hardware

Digidesign Pro Tools Mix Plus 24

Emagic Audiowerks

Synthesizer Editor/Librarian Software

Emagic Sound Diver

MIDI Interface

Emagic Unitor8 (3)

Stereo Audio Editor

Bias Peak


Waves Native Power Pack II

Antares Auto Tune

Digidesign Focusrite d2 d3

Lexicon lexiverb

TC Works Voice Tools

T-Racks Mastering


Software Synths

Digidesign/Access Virus

BitHeadz Retro AS-1

Hardware Synths

Roland Juno 106

Roland JD-800

Roland 909

Roland MKS-80

Roland MKS-50

Roland D-550

Roland JV-2080

Roland JP-8000

Roland JP-8080

Oberheim Xpander

Nord modular


Waldorf Wave XT

Access Virus B

Korg M1R

EMU Orbit

Kurzwell K2000R

Akai Sampler S-6000


Mackie Digital 8Bus

Tape Recorders

Sony DAT Recorder

Panasonic DAT Recorder


Mackie HR824

:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

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