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Originally posted by rachel1997

I wish guys knew how to take a hint....

yes, you shouldn't mistake kindness for weakness aka pressure someone into a situation when they dont wanna even go there

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yah like there are never girls that hound us..call us 100 times a day..page us..leave us all sorts of fucked up voice mails "ooo boo hoo i love you" "you fucking asshole i hate you!" "oh boo hoo i love u take me back i wont fuck <insert name of friend of family member here> anymore!" etc etc etc...psycho stalking women that follow you to work in the am and try to break into your pad to see if you been with anyone else months after you break up with them...

women are far more psycho then men are with this bullshit...to me its like "oh its over..ok peace dont bug me no more and dont call me neither"...

dont play this off like men are the only ones that do this..i seriously think women have a "psycho gene" in their DNA that when someone breaks it off with them they straight snap.

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