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Ever feel like you cann't win?

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Does anyone ever go through a period where it does seem like you can not win no matter what?

I am starting a phase like that I think. It kinda of sucks cause I went through were I didn't care and to I need to do something and rock at everything. And then one day nothing seems to work, which sucks, cause a couple days ago I was out with this girl and it seemed like I knew everyone and we were having a good time. And the next night it was the other way. and that seems to have marked the change

I ran into the same girl but this time her boyfriend (who I knew she had) was there. But the next day everything seemd like shit

I'm going through that right now. I haven't had a job interview in a while. Every girl that I have that I have an interested in seems to either has a boyfriend (nothing you can do about that), way too young, does not want a relationship or not interested .

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yep....basically, this whole summer..sucks....too damn hot. and way too many nasty freaks running around for their own good.

i know it's hard to feel or think positive, but when you weather through the bad shit, good things usually come out of it as a process...sort of like life testing you to see if you're capable of having what will come to you next..if that makes sense.

cheer up, put some music on, or smoke if you're into that...and just sink into dreams..often they are the only things we have to console us or take us away from this miserable world.

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