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What good dj sets have you recently downloaded?

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Thought I'd put this thread up to see what stuff everyone has recently DL. I usually DL stuff from soulseek and some of the stuff that I've recently DL from there that is goody-goody is:

Moshic-Live @ Pacha, Tel Aviv (160min-tribally stuff)

PvD-Live @ Rosentmongrave (spelling?)..dunno if there was 2 parts to it, but I DL one part and thought it was blah, but just dl another part it was very good.

Greg Vickers-Essential Mix (tribal stuff)

Anthony Pappa-Live from Pacha Tel Aviv 6-27-02 (over 3hrs) thats also worth dl

anyone else please feel free to add stuff that you think is worth DL.

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If your a fan of PVD go get

Paul Van Dyk - Essential Mix Live at Columbiahalle (07-14-02)

I just got it off of tranceaddict. I've been more into house than trance lately, but I cought PVD @ Avalon last month and figured this set would be worth the dl..

I also got Sander Kleinenberg - Live at Electrolux (16-06-02), but haven't even listened to it yet.

I'm going to go find that Anthony Pappa set now..


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Layo & Bushwacka!.....e-mix from the end of June.

Track selection is AMAZING!!!! Mixing is mediocre(sp?), but it really doesn't change a thing for me.

Don't miss this one. Turn up tha bass.:eek:

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Originally posted by PFloyd40

danny howells- live from tel-aviv

set is still and will always be sick.. destined to be one of the classic sets out there for all the mp3 hewas..

definitely in my top 3 live sets.

recently I got 3 pvd sets from last weekend. 2 sets from tiesto this past weekend from Ibiza. and you cant go wrong with the Rosemtags rave pvd set or tiestos 7 hour set from dutch dimension.

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