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Why can't I get Soulseek to Work?

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i've been playin with soulseek for a few days now. Its not napster or ag which i was used too, but its better than nothign at all and they do have alot of the music we here at cp like. I find it a bit slow, but I'll keep using it for now. enjoy!

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Originally posted by nychunk

What da fuck, everytime I run it , it says that my server isnt setup or some shit like that. Basically saying it cant find an internet connection, meanwhile I have DSL and I know i'm connected to the internet.

It's better than any other file sharing program out there I find, if u can get it to work...

Did u try going under connection and then select server? Maybe u're not hooked up to one or something. Just a shot in the dark here...

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