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why is ibiza empty

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I'm researching an article for a music magazine at the moment on why Ibiza has been considerably emptier than usual. I have my own theories (v commercial/v house orientated/no alternative dance scene to appeal to the hip hoppers, breakers and d'n'b ers).

What I'm really keen to know is what puts other people off Ibiza? IS there any reason why club land attendance/festival attendance/Ibiza attendance is down considerably this year. Has anyone actually been there this year, was there anything noticeably different?

What are your holidaying priorities? Price/nightlife/sun/likely hood of sex with strangers

Would you go to Ibiza? Why (not)?

What might stop you from going?

What are your clubbing priorities? Price/Name/Venue/Access/Door Policy

Are Big names enough to get you along to an evening?

What are your thoughts on the ‘mickey mouse’ scene? Past it/cutting edge/has it’s place

Is it all a bit too commercial/too expensive?

Any help would be much much appreciated.


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I just got back from Ibiza for the 1st time. And it sure didn't look empty to me. The clubs were all busy and stuff. The peak season in Ibiza is August.

Well maybe Ibiza is emptier than last year might be cause:

1) economy is bad

2) people might be affraid to fly

3) People say Ibiza is getting too commercialized

4) Clubs are pricy

5) drinks in clubs are a ripp off

6) Most clubbers in Europe have already been there (only 2.5 hr flight from most places in Europe

7) There are 2 other up & comming hotspots.

8) Big name DJ's such as Oakenfold aren't there or spin less than they used to

9) Ratio of men to women is like 4:1

I had a BLAST when I was in Ibiza, I'd MOST definately go there again. The music & beaches alone are worth it~!!!

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