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What do Jesus and I have in common?

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Originally posted by teamj5

You both can't score with chicks

:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: That was a good one... damn, I guess you are on today.

I will score circles around you, and I won't have to sell-out and go to a Devito show to do it.... and the girls will be of age. Then again, that probably wouldn't interest you.....

Thanks for the 1000th post congrats! I'm going to have to celebrate tonight :pint:

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Originally posted by kaydup

You two dress the same....

About time, congrats and congrats on the new avatar:D

Thanks you, thank you. I was so pissed the other day when the avatar wouldn't load... this one was too good to hold onto.

A few more days and I should be up to 1500....

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