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Does anyone ever get to the point where...

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Shed a tear 'cause I missin' you

I'm still alright to smile

Girl I think about you ev'ry day now

Was a time when I wasn't sure

But you set my mind at ease

There is no doubt

You're in my heart now

Said woman take it slow

It'll work itself out fine

All we need is just a little patience

Said sugar make it slow and

We come together fine

All we need is just a little patience


I sit here on the stairs

'Cause I'd rather be alone

If I can't have you right now I'll wait, dear

Sometimes I get so tense

But I can't speed up the time

But you know, love there's

One more thing to consider

Said woman take it slow

And thing will be just fine

You and I'll just use a little patience

Said sugar take the time

'Cause the lights are shining bright

You and I've got what it takes to make it

We won't fake it

Aah, never break it

'Cause I can't take it

...little patience, mm yeah, mm yeah,

need a little patience, yeah,

just a little patience, yeah,

some more pati..

I'll been walkin' the streets to night

just trying to get it right

it's hard to see when so many around

You know I don't like being stuck in a crowd

And the streets don't change, but baby the names

I ain't got time for this game

'Cause I need you,

yeah but I need you,

oh I need you,

woh I need you,

oo This time

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lol j/k... yeah i am pretty much at my wits end, i have about a hairs worth of patience left... i dont know what it is lately, however ive been on edge and and just cant deal with ppl... and ironically enough, might be cancelling my vaca as well...

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Stress is NOT a good thing. My dad once bought a punching bag with the words "STRESS" written on it, and he and my mom used to take shots at it when things got touchy :D

It's up to you to put things and people aside, spend some more time on yourself, whether it's to go for a walk in the park, go for a nice long drive (w/out traffic) , or go on a trip.

I know Destiny had to cancel her trip,,,that SUX :mad:

But maybe you can take a not-so-big vacation and stay local...trips always help me deal with stress and regain patience

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I feel better today, however Im still short on patience. I think I moved up to where DG sounds like he is. Im doing the whole yoga thing more then i used to now, giving more massages which actually relieves stress for me and am takin more walks, it worked a little. Unfortunately it looks like a vaca is out of the question, at least until october or november. lol my first vaca in 10 years and it had to be cancelled. *sigh*

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Originally posted by gmccookny

For Destiny:



:kiss2: awwwww


and DG im always stressed lol , just never this much.

Im thinkin of getting a punching bag too. :) In addition to the massages that is. Hey suthrnbelle why dont you take george's idea and get a punching bag lol.

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