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top 10....or 20...or maybe 30....Where's the sticky?

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been getting great tracks lately.....

House and Prog

1.Saints and Sinners-Hydro Active

2.11th Dimension-Beat Goes On (Mix and Dub)

3.Intenso Project-Luv Da Sunshine (M Factor mix)

4.tomaz vs Filterheadz-Sunshine

5.Watkins-Black AM (James Doman's Limited Promo Dub and DJ Sneak mix)

6.Weekend Players-I'll Be There (Gabriel and Dresden mix, Mutiny Mix)

7.paul Johnson-Follow This Beat (Richard Grey mix)

8.Yoko Ono-Kiss Kiss Kiss (Superchumbo mix and Dub)

9.Underworld-two Months off (Full mix)

10.Todd Gardner-Whatever (Cafe Del Mar DUB) > GORGEOUS>>>

11.Sneaker Pimps-Sick (Trendroid mix)

12.Savage Spirit-Aphrodivina (Gambafreaks mix)

13.Ralph Falcon-Every Now and Then (Pete Heller Dub)

14.raven Maize-Fascinated (Dave Lee mix, Agent Sumo mix, and Rodox Dub)

15.praise cats-Shined on Me (S Montovani Bongo at once mix)

16.Paul Oakenfold-ready, Steady Go (Layo and Bushwaka mix and PMT mix)

17.mashup-kamasutra (Chus and Ceballos mix and Punk Funk Dub)

18.Lil Mo Ying Yang-Reach (Lee and Cabrera mix)

19.Samson-hear me (derrick Carter mix)

20.Joeski-My Guitar

21.Ivy-Edge of the ocean (Filterheadz mix)

22.Solid Groove-Ask Mr (Melvin Moore's solid vocal mix)

23.Indiana-Do You Hear Me (Dino Lenny mix)

24.Evolved-Mutherfucker (Dub)

25.Giddy Aunt-Bounce, Bump, Jump, Shout (Original and Bumpapella)

26.Evoke-Arms of Loren 2002 (D Ramirez Bitecrusher mix)

27.Dirty Trix-Gonna Miss you (Soul Avengerz mix and deadman's MIA mix)

28.Dirty Vegas-Ghosts (Joeski mix)

29.Goldenboy feat Miss Kitten -rippen Kittin (Vinylasyl mix)

30.Eclipse-The music (Bini and Martini Ocean mix)

31.bunch of Gurus-Punk cake

32.bala-The Stand

33.the Superman Lovers-Diamonds for Her (Pound boys mix)

34.7 feat Mona Monet-The Power of Soul (Oscar G miami space dub)

35.Mara-Computer Beats

36.Filter-Where Do We Go from Here? (Morel mix)

trance and commercial house

1.St Etienne-Action (Tiesto mix)

2.matt Darey feat Marcella Woods-U Shine On

3.Sensation-The Anthem (J gielen mix)

4.The Thrillseekers-Dreaming of you (Svenson and gielen mix)

5.Syntone-Cant believe it (Silverblue mix)

6.Noemi-Y.O.U. (green court mix)

7.Picotto-return to Cali (push mix)

8.indiana-Do You hear me (art of trance mix)

9.Hi gate-Saxuality

10.Iio-At the end (original-i have a radio rip) MASSIVE

11.dario G-heaven is closer (Ralphie B mix)

12.Sushi-The Earthshaker (Minimalistix mix and Yomanda mix)

13.Andora-Let it flow

14.Widelife-I dont want you (Dezrock mix and dub)

15.Pink-Like a pill (Al B Rich mix)..not bad..where are the big boys?

16.Hed boys-Boys and girls (Cruz and bagz mix)

17.Gloria Gaynor-I never knew (Cruz and bagz dub)

18.Laleh-Captured (hex and dezrock mix)

19.Suzanne Palmer-Show Me (MTD mix)

Hows that for a list?????

:D :D

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The the KISS KISS KISS really works on the dancefloor.

8ball and Heartbeat, along with a few others, have it in stock.

Someone asked to be hooked up with some tracks. Hopefully you are still buying music as well. The music industry, especially the dance industry is really struggling and there are going to be fewer and fewer releases as we move along here. Record stores are closing everyday, along with record labels...

Please, if it is a lable, a song or an an artist that you think deserves support, please go and buy some music from them...TODAY!!! Tomorrow is too late for a lot of people...believe me.

I work in this industry and sales have been going down all across the board, while everyone is PLAYING the tracks, which really doesn't help out at all when it comes down to it.

This is not be bitching...this is me begging...

even if you go and buy a CD and not vinyl...buy something official to help OUR music stay alive...

You may not believe it, but talk to the folks at your local HMV, TOWER, VIRGIN or even SATELLITE and you'll understand that things are not looking pretty right now.

Sure they need to find a solution to this problem, but lets all make sure that its not too late when they do...


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I work in the industry as well, in SALES, as a matter of fact, but i hate to say it, WE in the industry are at fault in regards to people not buying our music....rather than embrace the internet and figure out a way to make money off it, we have continuosly spent money fighting it...furthermore, CD and Vinyl prices have skyrocked....how do we expect kids to afford all this? Within the dance music community, massive dance clubs are charging up to $50 dollars for entry...maybe they should give a cut to the producers of the music being played? I don't think the big boys are struggling right now within the dance community, but i guarantee that at some point they did...the record bussiness is brutal, and whatever involvment anyone has in it, they will face a difficult road...it is a glamorous industry (even within the dance community), but can be very rewarding. Mark my words though, telling people to buy more records when they are for the most part available for free on the internet is not the answer.


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I was more ASKING people to buy music as opposed to telling them. So, with that, I am ASKING, still. I can't TELL anyone to do anything...just like I can't TELL the buyers at distributors and stores what to buy when sometimes what I have to promote, in all honesty, is crap (YES, I work in SALES, as well).

As far as the clubs are concerned, the artists get paid from their publishing if the clubs are paying their ASCAP and BMI dues, which they all should be...and not saying that it matters, but it is the law. The reality is that some may not because they break every other rule in the book.

Beyond us working in the industry, we have to think not only as consumers but as artists. Sure, there is a lot of crap out there that is being hustled to us by labels, but we have to show the labels what we want by buying and supporting what we love.

You know and I know that no matter what we do, there will always be free music available on the internet. There is no way of stopping it now. And, it's EVERYTHING in this country that has gotten expensive. Think of cars that used to be $2,500 BRAND NEW!!! So, we have to work a little harder to pay for the things that we want. That is what this world is all about...Too many people want it easy. So, sure, cost may be a factor, but saying that people can't afford to buy music is a cop out.

The price of recording, pressing, promotion, staffing, shipping...etc have all gone up and we can't just blame the labels on that one.

People have no problem spending thousands on clothes, cars, alcohol (and other drugs), perfume, gum, etc, but it seems that when it comes down to it, they really don't want to support the scene it seems. The scene is not about going out to clubs that charge $50 a head and $20...that is ridiculous. You don't need snow making machines to enjoy a night out and good music, nor do you need tired old DJ's who no longer want to support the music. People seem to need a circus to have a good time. That isn't supporting the music...THAT is flossing the new clothes, haircut and pubic trim that they PAID for earlier that day while driving around listening to their free music.

A DJ's job is to promote the music and NOT themselves and the sooner we all realize that it's not about the name of the DJ, it's the tracks, the better off we will be...without the good tracks, so that DJ would suck and that DJ should be the first one holding up album covers of tracks that crowds react to...OH WAIT, they burned it too!!! And sure, it may cost a bit of money to actually BUY music but...very little in this life is free and if there is ANYTHING that I am going to pay for, it is for someone's blood, sweat and tears that they put on wax for us all to enjoy in hopes that they make enough off of it to do it all again for US...!!!

I'm not putting people down who burn music...if I weren't so deep in the music industry, I just might be burning everything, but the reality is that UNTIL a solution is found, we as fans have a responibility to not take food out of the mouths of the little guys. At the same time, we in the industry need to be more forthcoming with labels that we do work for when they try to put out crap. We have to let them know that we aren't going to take it either. We need them to pay attention to us and the way to do that is to get them to pay attention to consumer spending...if no one is spending, how will they know what we want.

I like my job, as I'm sure that you do too and, like I said, most labels need to get their heads out of their own asses and stop mixing in all this crap with the good stuff...but...rome wasn't built in a day, but someone had to pay for it.

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aight, im gonna get in on a little of this list action

its time for hardhouse

1>Progressive Movements mixed by dj Markski

2>Chain Reaction 2 mixed by Marc Anthony and Glenn Paul

3>Balloon - Bad and Sexy (warp brothers mix)

4>Spectral - Rhythm Machine

5>Baseraiders - Raveolution

6>DJ Rock - The Big Beats (atomic beat blaster mix)

7>Multidubbers vs Human Ressource - one more (baseline pump mix)

8>Ironbase - Maschine Eisenbass (original mix)

9>RBA - No Alternative

10>Ray Clarke - Magic Fly

11>ks-project - Rock that party

12>Spaceboi - Red one

13>nrj extravadance vol 5 - hard house and trance

14>highway 5 colors mixed by dj mister al

15>pump action - digitalles

16>mk project - fasten your seatbelts (extended mix)

17>12 inch thumpers - 50000 watts of power

18>2 phaze - up da bass (origional edit)

19>bk and anne savage - instantly

20>brooklyn bounce - born to bounce (music is my destiny mix)


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Only one worth really reporting this week, but it's fuggin heavy:

Ed Solo + Skool of Thought - Loud Noise [supercharged]. Not that any breaks people read the music board, but those who do, watch the fuck out for this one....


General Midi - Daft Funk [TCR]

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10 tracks that im diggin right now..no order

1. marco v - i feel you (pvd remix)

2. second sun - the spell

3. chris lake - santiago de cuba (original mix)

4. oliver lieb -subsonik (filterheadz remix)

5. ralphie b - massive (filterheadz remix) + mirco de govia remix

6. armin van buuren - sunburn

7. misja hesloot - first second (original mix)

8. prime mover - the weapon (grinder mix)

9. sun decade - i'm alone (ronki speed dub)

10. antiloop - trespasser 2002 (robbie rivera remix)


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