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Old Song, please help with Title and artist

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Hi Guys,

The lyrics go like this,

Man singing,

"Just got paid

It's friday night

Money in my pocket

Dance tonight (???)"

I don't even know how to classify the song. It must have been early 80s. Very "Prince" like song.

I'll be surprised if anyone does figure it out, but I figured if any group of people can figure it out, it would be here.


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Yeah that just might be it. I'm looking for it right now, I'll let you know once I hear it.

I really like the beat in that song. Everytime someone says "It's Friday" that song is set on autoplay in my head.

So I want to hear that song in its entirety so i can get it out of my head.

I'll admit it , I miss that feel good, hopping music. How would you categorize that?

Old School Break Beat ?

Anyway, thanks for the help.

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