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Hi from Roma!

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Hello everyone!

Having a great time here in Europe, it is absolutly amazing! On my way to Ibiza tomorrow, will arrive on Tuesday, for a little partying! Just wanted to say what's up or as they say in Rome K! So see everyone when I come home! Will try to post in Ibiza while there!!


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Now I can't be reading stuff like this on a Monday! Geez, like the day doesn't suck enough as it is, now we have to read about lil' miss world travelor to make us jealous :tongue:

Hope you had a blast in Rome (I also hope you ate some REAL Italian food while you were there).

I'll be thinking about you Tues. night, while I'm stuck at work until 8 and you're just getting to a supa-phat club. I'll be thinking I'm not going to talk to you anymore! :tongue:

Have a blast, stay safe, but not too safe ;)

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