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RISE...up from the ashes!

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As some of you may have heard, RISE suffered some fire damage yesterday.

I just wanted to share the facts:

Sunday afternoon a fire started in the basement of the pizza place below RISE. The fire travelled up a wall into the RISE lounge and almost to the dance floor.

The Fire Department, doing what they needed to do to put out the fire, broke open walls, blew out windows and cut holes in the roof of the building. As anyone who has ever experienced a fire knows, smoke and water can do just as much as the fire itself, and this is the case at RISE.

It was very disturbing of course to watch all this take place, but I have a lot of good news to share. First, no one was hurt. Second, the damage that was done can be repaired...the building did not suffer from serious structural damage. Third, we have the insurance we need to get the club back together. Lastly, our landlord is on our side and wants to see us back where we were as soon as possible.

So, sit tight. RISE is not gone, she's just a little hurt. I can't say right now how long it will take to get reopened, but I would predict that sometime early this fall, there's going to be one hell of a reopening party!

When RISE went through it's initial strugle to open, there were literally several hundred people who pulled together to protect the club. I have no doubt we'll witness the same kind of energy all over again, and RISE will be better than ever before.

We'll send out more info as we can,


Darrin & Tom

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It is a relief to know that nobody was injured or worse in the fire.

I can't thank you guys enough for taking the time to keep us all informed, as I have seen the updates on all the local message boards. With the sudden event and everything I'm sure you guys have to go through to sort things out, taking the time out to fill us in right away was comforting and very much appreciated.

The last event I attended at Rise with Cass was huge for me. I was able to meet so many people within our small community...the whole mission of Rise finally 'clicked' for me. I was devistated to think something this meaningful that had just started for me was lost, but a few brief words helped rid those fears.

I am looking forward to the re-opening no matter how long it takes. It doesn't matter to me who spins that night, as it will be great to be back partying with everyone.

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