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not a good mix

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on friday night i went to this party with a bunch of kids form my school. it was not bad, i had been drinking and took an oxycodone, and i got pretty buzed , then my friend puls out a jar and puts a bump on my hand, so i did it. and like 15 minutes later another ... then another... then another....... i dont kno how many bumps or how much i did but it was a lot. also mixed in with that i crushed up and bumped another oxycodone and was drinking the whole time. it ended up i got into a shitty as hole b/c i was throwing up from too much alchohol and pain killers. and to top it off right before i really got stuck in that hole my friends smoked me up on some realy realy good hydro. soo i passed out on the front steps.. which is were we blazed. and woke up to drunk people trying to kill each other @ 4 am. ......... but it must have been fun right

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