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Five Minutes through the Mind of a Man

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12:15 P.M., Friday afternoon. One of these ladies’s got to be horny. Man, even the air is rowdy—air so mild and soothing—adonic perfection. Wow! (Glancing at myself in a window, I'm like an eagle with a devil on my wings and a bulge the size of Moby’s fin peek-a-booing through my denims.) Damn, none of these ladies seem ‘doable.’ What the fuck, are all of them engaged in abstract thoughts, imaginary voyages, and mindless physical actions. (Sniff!) Mmm, that one smelled good. Gucci perfume, strawberry lipstick, and Summers Eve feminine wash. Shit, look at her legs: silky smooth legs stroking to the wind with horny precision; lickable toes; smackable thighs; edible breasts. If I could only get her to realize the erogenous music her moans could make if I were nibbling on her clit.

(Secretly rubbing my crotch.) Fuck, my balls are swelling like a wet sponge. I’m feeming for the tip of anything warm and wet to glide across my asshole and swollow my nuts.

“Anyone wanna fuck?” Shit, if any of them dared take the time to stare into my eyes they’d know. If any one of them would allow themself the opportunity to listen to their neglected desires…they’d rip my clothes off and glutton my cock like it were Alize.

12:17 P.M. ‘Woa! Look at that!’ (A fine tapestry of African descent walking in my direction.) Whoa! Beautiful fucking tits. I’d love to have kids with her, I could see she’d be a good mother. Fine as hell, beautiful smile, my daughter would be blessed to look like her. Oh man! Her nipples r’ gonna make me cum in my fucking pants. Holy cock fucking shiznits, her nipples are like baby eggs waiting to hatch, MAN I’d suck on them shits all fucking night while grinding that shit in her like ‘WAM mmm, wam wam BOOM wam, Iiiyyyy ooh yeah…SHIT!. Man, look at the creamier darkness around her nipples. They be perfect. Twenty-six B, at least, rocking and grinding with every sway of her hips. Oh my god, look at her hips…holy shit, them shits be the perfect placemats for the erections of my palm…I’d grapple and wrestle them shits all fucking night. Wheew!!! Damn, enoughs enough, look at them fucking abs. If her tongue even touched my dick I’d marry her. Yeah, me and her humping doggy-style to Bob Marley in the summer…that’s what I’m fucking talking about. And as she entered, so she exits.

12:18 P.M. (Life ceased to hold any meaning. The Roman gods must be asleep yet another day.) My lunch break is nearing an end. Time to get on the train to this bitch fucking sexless piece of shit, mundane ass job.

“Goodbye crouching titties.”

12:19 P.M. (On the way to the train.) She must be from Texas, those freakles look Texan. DAMN baby, bend down some more, I can see the smile of your asscrack…mmm, DKNY underwear, my favorite. ‘Sniff’. Mmm, do you know you smell so fucking hugable, biteable…definitely hardcore strokeageable. You got fragile hair though, better not grip it too hard. Definitely a keeper for the weekends. I wonder if it could fit in her mouth? Uhh, shit, get out of my way asshole I’m trying to check this lady…damn, thanks… Oh, yeah, a lot of it could fit (Oh yeah baby, that feels good.) She could definitley work it. Shit, I’d fuck her toenails off! I got the perfect move too! Doggy position with a twist. Place her knees on some pillows, let her entire abdomon and upper body rest fully on a futon so she doesn’t have to use a muscle. I’d slide on in very slowly and stay there for a while while I lather her entire back with Vaseline…give her the crazy rub down while stroking her to Beethoven’s Sixth Symphony, smacking that ass and everything. After the CD’s finished, drop some Metallica on that ass and stain her flesh with slave welts, “Howdya like that, BITCH!!”

12:20 P.M. (Still alone.) Nobody seems to be checkin me out. What’s wrong? Am I not attractive? Fuck! 12:20. Time to get on this bitch ass train. Shit, I don’t know if I can make it through the day without getting some. Maybe I’ll meet a chick on the elevator and she’ll let me eat her out while I’m underneath her desk. That’d be phat…then I’d jerk off and cum on her toes while her boss is giving her an assignment.

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