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Palestinian Terror Organizations Decide Violence Will

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20:56 2002-07-29


The Hamas organization continued its threats concerning future murderous terror attacks against the State of Israel as revenge

A conference held on Thursday, 25 July 2002, in Damascus to discuss ways of achieving the Palestinian goals, hosted several terror groups. Seven Palestinian terror organizations were present at the conference. Among them were the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, the Hamas organization, the Islamic Jihad, the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades (a group linked to Yaser Arafat's Fatah movement) and the National front. The chairman of the political department of the PLO, Farouk Al-Qadumi, was among the conference participants.

The former chairman of the Palestinian Parliament, Haled Alphahum, stated that the terror organizations reiterated their intention to continue their armed battle against the State of Israel and stressed that these are their only means of achieving the Palestinian goals. Trying to discuss peace accords is not an option in their eyes.

In addition, the Hamas organization - which was declared by both the United States and by the European Community as an organization of international terror - continued its threats concerning future murderous terror attacks against the State of Israel as revenge for killing Salah Shehade, one of the founders and leaders of the Iz'addin Al-Kassam Brigades (the military unit of the Hamas). Shehade was reportedly in the process of executing 6 parallel suicide bombings in Israeli Cities. A typical suicide bomber will kill 5 to 15 people and can injure three times as many.

Abed Al'Aziz Al'Rantisi, a leading Hamas official, spoke before the Palestinian demonstrators, declaring, "Our people, all of them, are determined to take revenge" and promised "a response that will daze and overwhelm".

The demonstrators carried banners and shouted exclamations against Israel and the US and in favor of powerful terror attacks within the State of Israel. Among the demonstrator's signs were proclamations such as, "Zionists - prepare your burial shrouds!"

It must be noted that the Hamas organization has taken upon itself the responsibility for many terror attacks carried out during the past month. Among these were the shooting attack against the bus in the Israeli community of Imanuel, activation of an explosive device under a passing railroad train, and the launching of dozens of "Kasam" rockets against Israeli communities. Hamas leaders have repeatedly reiterated that there will never be peace with Israel, and that they will never accept it's presence in the middle east.

Gil Eyal



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Originally posted by sassa

when the world nukes itself, i think.

Or when Arafat gets his foot out of his mouth and takes some control.

Im starting to think that if they can get a stronger, more responsible leader to control these rebel groups, maybe , just maybe, the violence will end. Someone needs to step up and clamp down on this all. Or, it will take the death of too many Palestinians to wake them up and realize that violence isnt the answer.

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arafat isnt the only problem. if he steps down, nothing will change. the palestinian mentality is fucked up from within. the only way to end this is to go in, completely wipe out the bases for all these groups, hamas, jihad, etc. a complete and brutal destruction of these terror cells. these people do not understand anything but violence.

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both sides are brutal and use over the top ways to get even with one another, the israelis are just as cruel as the palestinians.

i don't think i really need to explain how either, their tactics are enough evidence of that.

tit for that, an eye for an eye, this is how this war seems to be going at this point. what a fucking shame.

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