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ladies.....do u ever wish....

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haha that´s what i have in mind all the time. kind of an approach booster for me :)

cause, what would women rather do? sit in a starbucks, drink coffee and talk about work with her girlfriend or RIDING ON A HARD COCK?

would they rather go home ALONE from a club, maybe watch some TV, then go to bed, wake up the next morning and do everything in the same routine, day by day... or would they rather NOT sleep AT ALL, EXPERIENCE MULTIPLE ORGASMS and wake up the next AFTERNOON with me lying beside them ONLY TO GET SOME MORE?

i swear, women want sex as bad as we do. you just have to make sure they don´t feel like a slut for giving it up. cause they are somehow programmed from society to HIDE their sexual desires and NOT to go for what they want. break through that and you get to the WILD side of every woman :)

that´s what i´m advocating all the time. give a woman what she needs so she does not feel like a slut for sexing you. if that is "love" or whatever. in the end you´re HELPING her to FEEL GOOD ABOUT RECEIVING PLEASURE!

i should get a fuckin award for being such a nice and caring person, helping all those stuckup and manipulated girls to break free and go for what they REALLY WANT :idea:

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