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why are all the sex smilies from da back?

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ok, one of the faces in the threesome's gettin' it from the front, but i can't find any other frontal smilies. and i can't even count the number of bj smilies there are (wow...). wassup wit' dat? my mom (yeah, my mom's been talkin' to me about this lately - don't ask :laugh: ) would get very up in arms if she knew about this strictly backside action; as she always says, "there's nothing like a good frontal!"

:laugh: !

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Originally posted by brickhouse



that one's great; i've never seen it. i've seen a shitload of other blow job ones, though. the only one i've seen with the little yellow people and a girl gettin' anything from the front (besides the threesome) is a 69, and that's not necessarily a girl. i'm gonna start a letter writing campaign to the dirty, sweaty, nerdy guys who spend all their time naked in basements writing these smilies, demanding equality for the ladies; we deserve a "going-down" smiley, an "on-top" smiley, and those are just the beginning :D .

this is ridiculous... this has gotten way out of hand.

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