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Hamas apologizes...

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GAZA CITY: A top activist in the Islamic movement Hamas in Gaza said that the movement was "sorry about the death of Americans or foreigners" in Wednesday's Jerusalem bombing at Hebrew University. Hamas had then claimed responsibility for the bombing.

The group said that the bombing was a retaliation to the killing of 16 Palestinians, including the military commander of the group by Israeli US-made F16s last week.

"We are sorry about the deaths of foreigners or Americans ... Hamas only target Israelis and nobody else," Dr. Abdelaziz al-Rantissi told Agency France Press Friday.

However, while Rantissi apologized to Americans he refused to apologize to the United States’ government.

"Hamas will not send any message of apology to the (government of the United States) because they don't send us their apologies when Israel kills our sons with a US green light and US arms," he added.

The attack on Jerusalem's Hebrew University was carried out by Hamas in what it said was revenge for the murder of 16 Palestinians. 170 more Palestinians were wounded in the Israeli attack on Gaza. Since then 12 more Palestinians were murdered in the West Bank and Gaza at the hands of the Israeli army, according to the Palestine Monitor and medical sources.


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in all efforts trying not to sound like an asshole, i think the US should simply stop any involvement in the middle east that doesnt directly threaten us (ie, iraq).

when it comes to things like israel vs palestine, i just think we should let them kill each other, because its blatently obvious neither side has any interest in coming to an understanding and establishing peace. US involvment doesnt fix the situation whatsoever, and only makes the US look like a bad guy because we always end up picking a side, and the other side retaleates against us (ahem, 9/11).

just my $.02

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