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Jessica's European vacation... (Long read)

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Okay here is the short of my vacation, as I see each of you I will give you the longer version.

My first stop was Paris, France. We wanted to do the touristy thing first then do the partying thing, because I knew how hard I would party while in Ibiza. But we got to Paris and did the little site seeing thing, this city is so huge, it's like NYC, just as big but without the big tall buildings, just as loud and just as crazy. Didn't do much but the sightseeing thing as we where staying in somewhat of a shady area and the jet lag kind of had us in it's grip. But we did go to the Eiffel Tower which was amazing, and I smoked a bone in the park below. A truely amazing experience, I was just in aw at how unbelievable everything was. Had never been to a foreign country so I was trying to just take everything in.

Other noteable visits in Paris, where the Louvre, the Madeline, Arc de Triomphe.

After Paris we went to Venice, Italy. This city was absolutly beautiful. But so different from any other lifestyle that you would ever think of. Just imagine never driving a car, and your boat being the only car you will ever know. The archetecture here was beautiful, winding city streets, lots of shops and good, good food. This city was very hard to get around, but they had some really pretty shops selling wonderful stuff cheap. And when I say cheap I mean the price and not the workmanship, I bought this leather Italian purse for 20 euro, never would find something like that in America. But too many damn tourists here, it was like I was at Disney World or something, that would have to be the only thing I didn't like about Venice. And the fact that there where absolutly no bars...

We stayed in San Marco square, and visited Rialto which was very nice. Didn't stay too long, only 1 1/2 days because we had wanted to go to Rome so badly, which brings me to our next stop.

Rome, oh Rome.... I fell in love with thee! I love that city, we stayed in an awesome hotel in downtown Rome, right off Corso street. Central to everything, and damn cheap too, 80 euro a night... It was within walking distance to everything, and that is basically what we did the whole time. Shopped walked and ate awesome food.

In Rome I saw just about everything and finally got to go and have a few drinks one night.

Everything in Rome was so beautiful and I just got the chills looking at everything knowing that this is basically where modern history started, where all of the books where written and where some of the oldest monuments still stand. And no I didn't see any real gladiators, just a couple of gladiators charging 5 euros for a picture, gee the nerve....

But we did everything that there is to do in Rome, and man that place has some of the best shops, things to look at and men to oogle.... (I didn't just say that Mike....)

So we stayed here for two days and we where off from there to the place where everyone wants to hear the stories about...;) 31 hours of traveling and I arrive in Ibiza for fun in the sun, and the best clubs on the earth....

Arrived in Ibiza and I was so tired but couldn't stay in, had to go out and see what this place was all about!

First night I went to the water party at Es Paradis, this was a very fun place and scored some Mitsubishi's down in San Antoni, they where unbelievable, knocked my socks right off and only cost 6 euros:eek: ... My friends was kind of tired, so we didn't stay all night although I probably could have. I went back to our hotel right in Ibiza Town facing Old Ibiza, and waited for the sun to rise, this was one of more magical things I have experienced in my lifetime. I don't think I can even discribe it, but to say that the sunsets in Ibiza are the only other thing that might be better.

The next day we went to Ses Salinas, one of the most beautiful but touristy beaches on the island. But that didn't matter one bit. Chilled there all day laying in front of the Jockey Club, one of the many beach bars along Salinas beach. Listened to phat tunes, chilled with amazing drinks and got fed fruit, and chilled among the topless babes, myself being one of them. Trying very hard to get rid of the bathing suit top tan lines. This night we didn't go out, nothing really going on, on the island, did more of the shopping and eating thing in dowtown Ibiza. Many, many jewerly shops, with the most wonderful jewerly, and clothing you could ever imagine. Just think everything you ever wanted in excess.

The next day we went shopping in Old Ibiza, which was much cheaper then Ibiza Town with equally nice stuff. This night was PVD and Tiesto, so I wanted to make sure not to be tired in any way. I also had some American friends coming in this day so they where planning on meeting me at my hotel. Which was nice considering my girlfriend and I hadn't talked with any other Americans really since our arrival in Europe and where dying for someone else to talk with, in English....;) Also, I could see my friends interest in the Ibizian clubs fading... This is the point at which I heard of the temporary dimise of Rise....

Well we went to the sunset bars this night for our first sunset, it was absolutly breathtaking. Just picture chilling on a beach with about 200 other people at Cafe Mambo watching one of the most amazing sunsets I have ever seen, with the music that would just get you going for the nights events. I can't even describe to you how amazing this truly was. This is also where I met two other American guys from NYC, we ended up chilling with them all night even at Cream.

On to Cream, well we arrived at around 1am, and quickly made our way into the main room where Tiesto and PVD would be spinning, and I quickly realized that Tiesto was spinning some phat tunes. Started immediately dancing my ass off right in front of the DJ booth, this is where I stayed all night long. My girlfriend would dissappear and I would end up hangin by myself most of the night, but that was okay because I would end up having the time of my life. This would also end up being her last night clubbing night on the island, what a shame... I can't name songs that either Tiesto or PVD played, but to say most of the songs I know from CD's of PVD's that I have, but the music was unbelievable. Just imagine dancing in the most enourmous club, and when the sun comes up dancing under a skylight that was letting the rays of the sun shine on your face and realizing that you must be in heaven or it must be the last day of your life because you know it can't be possible to be having this much fun and still live another day... Left Amnesia at around 9 in the morning, and PVD was still spinning his ass off....

Went to a beach on the south east of the island one of the more secluded beaches, but beautiful. It is called Cala D'Hort, not toomany people there and a view of the ocean that is unmatched. This night went down to sunset bars again sipped Sangra, while watching the same orange globe that falls from the sky each and every night. It's an experience to see the sunsets in Ibiza because you can feel the electricity and anticipation of the nights events in the air. This night was Ministry of Sound at Pacha, where I would see Seb Fountaine spinning one of the most banging sets I have ever heard from him. This club is the most expensive on the island, but damn it has all the right in the world to be. Boasting one of the most beautiful terraces on top of the roof, and two rooms, the smaller one where Seb was spinning and another very large room. Both with living trees inside and set up like an island paradise. I don't even think that I can describe to you the enormity of these places, it's just to say that put Avalon X10, and that sometimes can't even fill it, expecially in the case of Privledge. But Seb spun for 3 solid hours and I danced from the minute I stepped into the room until he was done spinning. Which Seb closed with La La land, one of the only names of songs that I know, but again I did know many songs he was spinning just not the names. I also got a chance to catch Lottie, Yosef, and Marc Hughes... I also want to note that on this night while down at the sunset bars, I misplaced my camera with all the PVD pictures, pictures os the sunset and other notables, so therefore I don't have any pics of the clubs...:(

This is also where I would find a very nice Englishman who would supply me with my hookup, the next night in Ibiza Town....

Went to Bora Bora beach where Space is for a little pre-partying, had a blast, just people going crazy dancing and rocking out to great music. And now for my last night on the island, which was the Radio 1 Essential Mix party at Privledge, the largest club in the world. And folks I can't even tell you how big this place really was. It was almost too much to take in, like a kid in the candy store... But we arrived in enough time to catch the end of Seb's set and the beginning of Sasha's set. And Sasha ripped shit up, he ended his set with a song that made me think about Mike and Zoots quite a bit, as it is the first song that they introduced me too, and the first song that started it all for me, can you guess what this song may be? To be posted in another post on this thread.... But Sasha was awesome, I loved his set the most of all the times I have seen him.... Again great bombs and banging music.

Now for the description of Privledge, there are so many rooms to this place, I don't think I even visited them all I will only tell you of the ones that I visited. They have these stairs you go up and on the right side of the building when you first walk in there are two rooms, one with an island setting and the other just a regular room. In the main room is so big, I just couldn't even understand what was going on, in the center of the room there is a swimming pool and in the middle of the swimming pool is where the main DJ booth is, on the back side of the DJ booth in the way back is where the Manumission dancers where doing their thing, sexy shows, fire breathers, acrobats, and people doing trapeez. Just like you are at the circus. On the back side of the buidling when you go up the stairs is the dome, an open dome with what looks like a golf ball on the top, but wide open. People sitting all around talking and getting to know each other.

The next morning before my flight I went to Space for the Manumission carryover before my flight, so I went right through until I got to the airport. Space was great but wish that I could have spent more time there.

I can't really write any more, getting too long and don't want to bore anyone.

But to say this, the first night that I was there I didn't really see what the big deal about Ibiza was but after I saw the beaches and what the clubs where really made of I can honestly say I fell in love with Ibiza and what Ibiza is all about. I am planning on going back again next year and next time would like to have more people with me, and rent a villa and do it up right.

One of the most amazing things I have ever experienced... I would be able to write all day about all of the things that I saw, but will give everyone else more information when I see you guys in person.

So who's in for next year?????


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So I got my luggage back last night to find that one of the disposable cameras that I took pictures with is gone. So now I only have two of the original cameras. Don't know which one it is quite yet, will find out when I get the remaining two developed. I am so depressed about this, I haven't been able to stop thinking about it.....

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