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What kills your buzz??

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Originally posted by georgeacasta2

Yeah we did. I'm at fault here. I apologize. What happened is that saleen called Edgar V a bitch. I of course got offended because I think highly of Edgar. I posted a thread about saleen that was really dramatic. I admit, the shit was drama central. Mikey pointed it out but was EXTREMELY RUDE about it. I deleted it not to hide the fact that I posted it but in agreement that it was drama.

Yes, mikey is right, NO he did not have to be a complete asshole about it.

I was extremely rude about it, please enlighten me about how I was rude about it, all I said was lets get off his dick about it, if you wanna ignore someone, and tell the whole board about it, do it thru p.m., by making a thread about them, thats not really ignoring now is it. I didnt say it in a way of rudeness, but more in a way of how long can u beat a dead horse for....??

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