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Sex meetup

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Have you ever experienced one of these?

Once upon a 2001, this fine gal from Holland was forced up against me on the 4 train headed to work. It was a tight squeeze and her juicy ass practically swallowed my tenderloin. Her face was opposite my line of vision so I couldn't determine whether or not to focus on staying soft or letting my piston rip a fucking atomic hole through my slacks.

I got a little peek at her face and decided to apologize beforehand for, you know, the fucking Pisa in my pocket tipping into her cheeks. I thought she'd fuckin punch me in the nuts, but she nestled them and kinda went with the flow.

Now, anyone who knows me from a few years back can vouch for me...this is not the first time something like this has happened to me, ya know. But on this joyous episode, Susanne (her name) had taken an extra liking to me.

After about 20 minutes of grinding, she departed at Fulton street and handed me her business card (Financial Analyst). Cool! About a week later, I was invited to a party she was throwing. MY god, I stepped in her door and saw about six gals licking all sorts of body parts, and a couple of guys on the floor wackin off.

So I'm headed in the direction she pointed me to, and I'm about to sit down in this corner when she directs me to the center of feminine attention. Mind you, I was slightly more attractive back then cause I had this fly little diesel thing going on, not huge, but more slim and tight. So there I was, sitting down in the middle of this tongue fest, and before my ass hits the fucking carpet this fly tanned gal ripped my shoes off. All of them started tearing off my clothes. Now, deep in the back of my mind, I was fucking nervous cause I despise diseases, ya know...they whipped out a fucking trojan and one by one started deep throating me. I was like, Woa-ly shit!!! (I wondered to myself why they placed a rubber on me, meanwhile they were slobbin each other real fuckin raw and real fuckin good.)

So there I 'fucking' was, this juicy pair of moon beams bouncing up and down off my balls (shit, the feeling was enhanced. It felt like I had a Brontosaurus cock and she had a maco shark twat, mad hot and tight), my nipples being bit by two asian gals, and I'm licking the tongue tip of Susanne (God she was a good kisser.)

It was another best time of my life. I didn't tickle anyone's ass for this privilige, it just slid onto my crotch like rain on a treetop. It was fun. Shit, fun is an understatement! It was rejuvenating, liberating, clean, safe, and a total fucking learning experience. (I also wonder to myself though why I was the only guy getting all the pleasure while I was there.)

So, I guess my question to yall is...where's the next fucking party!!? I'm taken at the moment, but I'm definitely down to watch (and maybe sneak a cunnilingal peak)!


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