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How to burn real audio onto a CD

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I've never tried this myself so I'm not sure if it would work ... but what if you used one of the stream-rippers. Play your rm file and record with that ripper at the same time.

Again ... it's just a shot in the dark.

My only other suggestion is a really annoying way. Connect a laptop and a desktop. On one connect line out and the other line in. Play the rm file in one and then use any software to record the line in. That should definitely work, but i don't think most people have a laptop AND a desktop.

Good luck

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I just use my sound card..Creative Sound Blaster Live...I use the creative recorder program. I just switch the input to wave....just have to make sure u shut off your Instant messanger otherwise it will pick the sounds when people IM U. Its a great card i use it to copy shit on the radio to cd.

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