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Work & Masturbation

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Jim was a horny guy. He had a girlfriend, a lady in which he loved to death. They 'DID' it every now and then, not nearly enough for him. Jim was a horny guy.

One day Jim was searching the Internet and stumbled upon a provocative picture of Carmen Electra. Jim copied the picture, pasted it to an excel file, formatted the page to print perfectly, then took the risk of printing it in color on the shared network printer.

(-Waiting for the picture to print-)

Jim was really nervous. If someone else were printing something before or directly after him and decided to wait for their printout like he was...he'd be caught and punished appropriately.

Jim was sweating.

Jim was nervous.

Jim had a painful erection.

The printer finally warmed up...finally cropped the picture...finally printed. The coast was clear.

Jim was happy.

Jim happily glided to the bathroom. He found a cozy stool in which to meditate and palpitate his steak in.

The coast was clear. Jim lined the bowl with the mock toilet paper his company provided, unzipped his pants, pulled out his dew-laced erection and found a nice place against the wall to tape the pic up (so he could have both hands free: one to wiggle his nuts, the other to swivel his husk.)

He was now ready.

Jim began his pleasure.

Jim, unfortunately, had to stop his pleasure because someone else entered the bathroom...entered the stall right next to him.

Jim decided to slap his slug ever so gently to not disturb his belt buckle and reveal his pleasure to his neighbor. Jim had to stop this stealthabation too...the man next to him was recycling the fiercest Staten Island pile of shit.

A little while later, the man left (without washing his hands.) The stench finally subsided. Jim was whacking at the base of his penis once again.

Jim got brave. He spit on his penis head. He spit in his palm. He wet that sunbitch up real good and went at it. Carmen Electra was winking at his cock. She was touching his balls with her nipples. Her pinky was rimming his ass.

Jim was happy in his own world.

Unfortunately for Jim, he had not noticed his stall door was opened slightly when the other guy had shut the opposite stall door.

Jim was very unfortunate to open his eyes and find a group of co-workers staring at him through the wide open door.

One of the men was staring at the taped up picture.

Jim was very, very embarrassed.


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