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Does this make me shallow?

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I was at my girls house having dinner (she can cook..woohoo)

and we were entertaining some company...one of them who had a laptop. The laptop crashed (blue screen of death) and the mouse wouldnt respond. So me being the computer nerd struts towards it to fix it. Thats when my girl cuts me off, sits in the chair and fixes it herself.

:jawdrop: Me - "You know computers?"

her -"Um ..yeah?"

me to the company - "Will you excuse us for a moment?"

This is where I proceeded to drag my girl to the bathroom and pound her silly on the bathroom sink.

Tech girls are such a turn on. :drunk:


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Originally posted by somebitch

so what a blue screen... you dont have a be a genius to reboot a computer :laugh:

haha, i know. i guess i can call myself a tech girl now since i know how to reboot the computer and all:laugh:

sweet :aright:

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