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DAMN it feels good to ScReAm sometimes

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I dunno....

whether it's in hot WilD sex, standing on a cliff overlooking the ocean, or just driving in a car, i find that screaming in ecstasy lets off a lot of steam for me.

Sometimes i'll do it when im driving, and i'll scare some people. They see this blonde freak kid driving his red Jeep with no doors, and i start screaming like a BanSHEE :eek:


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Originally posted by foxylady69

...how come we never hear about guys screaming in bed? I mean yeah, girls do all the time, but some guys are so quiet. Why is this?

well, you've never heard papa smurf howl in the sack. Especially if her nails get involved, digging in my skin :flame:

If i hold back, my face will turn to the color of my hat :tongue:

btw... nice sig pic :D

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