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A must for music lovers, portable jukebox!

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Recently Mac has created a pc friendly version of their popular I-Pod. They have not even been released yet, although I have one on order from www.apple.com and I should have it in a week or two. This is the best piece of equipment any music lover or mp3 pimp can buy! You can also plug it into your car stereo using the same adapter you'd use to plug a portable cd player into your cassette deck. What does all this mean? This fawker will rock for hours on road trips, you can listen to as many live sets as you can download. Perfect for the gym, you'll never have to listen to the same track in the same month if you dont want to. In the mood for something other than house and trance, download and set your folders through the MusicMatch Jukebox Plus interface.

It comes in 5gig, 10gig, 20gig models ranging from $300-500 (plus $60 for the firewire card). http://store.apple.com/1-800-MY-APPLE/WebObjects/AppleStore?family=iPod

Its about the size of a pack of cigarettes and...

Holds the contents of 400 CDs

Small though it is, the iPod packs a lot of storage. The number of songs it holds depends on the compression rate you choose. At a 160Kbps compression rate (the default setting for encoding MP3s in iTunes), 20GB equals approximately 4,000 songs, or about 400 CDs. At 128Kbps — the most popular compression rate people use for MP3s — 20GB is equivalent to approximately 5,200 songs, or about 520 CDs. That’s how big it is on the inside. And with that much space, you might also find yourself storing documents, files and applications on your iPod in FireWire disk mode.

Fast-charge battery

iPod’s rechargeable lithium polymer battery gives you 10 hours of continuous playback. In a hurry to get it recharged? Fast-charge the battery to 80% of capacity in an hour, and get it fully recharged in three hours. FireWire charges your iPod battery whenever it’s connected to your Mac. So iPod automatically charges while you’re transferring your music.

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