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What's fierydesire + Saint?

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She bent over...about two meters away. I could see them through my binocks.

"Oooh (licking my lips), them shits are tight girl!"

[bending down, inspecting a gingerbread cookie I slickly left for her]

"This looks like my favorite gingerbread man," she said. Picking it up with her slim fingers, biting into the 'man', "Mmm, it is my favorite," she mumbled, "I'm getting very, very excited."

I could read her lips. Those smooth, semi-wet lips. Woh, I just saw the edge of her tongue. A droplet of life escaped the edge of my shroom. It trickled down the line of my balls and disintegrated into the cotton of leaves on the ground.

She moved forward again, asscheeks independent of one another, hair riding the pony of wind...she was walking straight into my lair.

After six cookies and ten secretions, she reached the foot of my pad.

"Knock knock knock," she imitated at the door.

No answer.

"Ok, I'm just gonna have to force my way in."

But in reality, there was no door. There was no fucking cookie. Just two lovers foreplaying in the woods.

Somewhere in the distance, she heard the rustling of the brush. "Who goes there," she asked.

No answer.

The rustling is nearer...faster...extended.

"I'm gonna suck your ____ so good you won't know what licked..."

Something stopped her sentence. It wasn't me standing naked in front of her.

"Hello," he said.

"Who the hell are you?"

"Uhh, just a man."

Looking down at his kong, "I can see that, duh!"

"I can see your nipples," he points.


"Yeah, O.M.G!!!"

"You pig."

"You're naked too!"

"Oh yeah."

Meanwhile, somewhere else in the woods, I had stumbled on a vine and landed on top of an Alaskan gal named Karma.

"That's a nice name."

"Could you please get your pecker off my slit?"

"Oh, sorry. Hey, wait a minute, that's not my pecker, it's a snake."


"Hey hey, relax, I was just joking. It is my stegosaurus."


"Yeah, phew. It feels much better than a snake, right?"



"Oh yeah."

"Shit...it does."

"That's what I'm talking about."

"That's what you're humping about."

"Do you want me to stop."

"Yeah, but don't."


"You know, if my boyfriend Saint finds us doing this he's liable to kick your ass."

"I'm not afraid of him. I'm more afraid of Karma."

"True, he does have the aura of hell."

"Huh? No, not the 'thing' Karma, my girl Karma."

"Oh. Ohhhh, I get it, hahaa."

"I know you get it."

"Yeah, I guess you already know...Faster...c'mon 'Man', fuck me harder before he gets here."

Meanwhile, high in the trees, an owl is screwing its wounded prey. Being an owl tends to be a solitary lifestyle...so when something fuckable does come along, you want to be able to turn you head and watch it...for future reference (like when you have to fuck prey.)

Down in the foilage, howls disturb the owl. The cumming hoots of a man and woman sync in enharmonic melodies. Mother Nature is fondling it's prey tonight. The forest is alive. Saint and fierydesire are alive. A paused orgasm...the source of life.


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:jawdrop: Sweet, yet I found some of it a bit confusing. At first I imagined that it was you who was the man and not another. Was the man peeking with the binocks you or another character. A bit more spice would be if through the woods another female came into play. The whole idea of being in the woods is erotic. Foreplay amongst nature, free and loose among natures creatures.

The forest is alive. Saint and fierydesire are alive. A paused orgasm...the source of life. This line is by far the best.:tongue:

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