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Has anyone here ever heard of the goo goo dolls?

If you haven't, I'm so sorry you have been missing out. The goo goo dolls are a Rock/alternative/sometimes pop band. I'm sure you all have heard the song Iris, everyone has.

Well i'm here to tell you, If you like that song, there is so much more on their new album gutterflower. Download, buy the cd, whatever!

"do you know what its like to be sitting down, about to eat your nice roast beef sandwhich, and hear"Hey mike, check me out!" and John is doing a table dance?! _Drummer Mike Malinin of the goo goo dolls

and hey, they are funny too! you all would love them so get out there and get gooey!

Don't forget they're new single "Big Machine"

thats all for now!

Love you guys,


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