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This has got to be the BEST SEXUAL POSITION!!!

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Originally posted by brickhouse

But wouldn't she get annoyed when she's tossing your salad but you practically keep breaking her nose because your coxxyx keeps slamming into her face???

thats true..:laugh: :laugh:

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The trick is to have the vegetarian laying on her back with a nice big fucking pillow. The ideal is a low-level futon. Here's my favorite setup:

Have the humpee place her pubic bone into the edge of the futon, her knees on the floor, tits, stomach, arms, and head totally relaxed on the futon. Her/your knees resting on two pillows (I prefer the body sized pillows cause two pillows have a tendency to split apart during the later parts of this session.) Place yet another pillow between your (the man's) legs, preferably one of those round, cylinder type pillows for the vegan to lay on.

Now, the best part about this movement is the Vaseline. I like the vaseline for massaging purposes. I have big hands, so most of the time I like using them fully whenever possible. I like to slap on some Beethoven and massage my lovers back, ass, neck and hips while I'm slowly grinding along with the strings.

Meanwhile, the lickor is down below menacing my nuts and sun-eater with a variation of tongue strokes. It takes the entire shit to a whole nother fucking level. Really, if I weren't into the massaging thing I'd cum in like fifteen seconds, word to Jesus!!

Doing this very slow is mad hot as long as the girl on the bottom is relaxed and not tensing her neck. If she's relaxed, grinding it slow while massaging the lady on top takes her orgasm to newer levels...kind of like a contradictory-orgasm...she's totally relaxed yet cumming like a howling wolf...it's totally an experience I'd like to visually record one day...for the record. Saint!!!

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