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ugh... help me with this song!

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song from Roxy 08/16

...i was totally trashed & i jus remember goin crazie when i heard this song... all i remember is somethin like... "i can see the .... (no clu what word is supposed to be there) in your eyes" ... thats like the main part... that "in your eyes thing"

Ok... now obviously i've checked out Luz Divina - in your eyes... but the SF mix is not the song... i dunno if i heard a totally different mix without all those gay lyrics or what??... ne1 hav an idea? :confused:

**...one more thing...is the pic showing below... i think im screwin somethin up :( **

ChOOse Wisely


"The beats, the sounds, the lights that are all around your head; they close around you and cut off your thoughts ... as if it was a transposition of your soul."

- - - - - - - - - -

AiM: ecstasyRvr

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