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An awesome zine and FREE CDs! :) Not spam.. :o)

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Hey everyone. Everyone loves music, right? :) How can you not? I, along with my best friend Christine and sister Tamara have created a zine called "Adventures In Suburban Boredom" (because we're always looking for something to beat the boredom, right? :)) for indie/underground bands/musicians and we'd love for all of you to come check it out. The site is www.suburbanboredom.com and EACH issue you receive, you'll ALSO receive a FREE CD. And when you become a member, you'll start to earn points that you'll collect in your bank and can use in the store to get even more free stuff.

You do have the option to buy one issue at a time, but if you subscribe and become a member, there will be lots of free stuff, contests, birthday surprises.. all sorts of stuff. For a limited time, we're selling the first issue for $3.50 (for those of you who aren't sure if this is as cool as it sounds) - but after it's out.. they'll all be $5. OR.. to become a member, and get a cool membership card (which at times will be helpful to you) you can buy six issues for $25 and save yourself $5 and get a free issue. :) You decide.

We have a fantastic lineup in this issue that's almost completely ready to be released!

*Maroon5 (from Los Angeles)

*American Boyfriends (from Oklahoma)

*Upside (from Tulsa)

*Mad Verb (from Tulsa)

*Dirty Pictures (from Los Angeles)

*Taylored (from Canada)

*Charlotte Martin (from California)

*Conquistador (from NYC)

*Heath Brandon (from New York)

*Hey Nice Guy (from Florida)

*Amerigo (from California)

*Blue Background (from Indiana)

*Axium (from Missouri)

*Audiopilot (from California)

ALL on a FREE CD to you. Along with the issue and the free CD.. there will also be random "presents" from the bands that they'be passed on to us to pass along to you. More free CDs, stickers, fliers.. sometimes even posters!

You all should definitely check out the zine and subscribe and let us send you the music that MTV is afraid to play.


(AISB Girl)


[email protected]

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